Wedding photographer & photojournalist

No moment will be repeated, but thanks to the photos we can return to any of them.

Preserving memories and emotions is an important role of photography. Weddings, shared happiness or important life moments deserve special attention and energy, which I like to give them. My name is Daniel, and as a photographer I can help you capture moments and emotions that you will remember through images.

I don’t want to create perfect photographs with no feeling, or adjust reality according to short therm trends. Photos should be a reflection of their time, people should look real in them.

In the photos I try to capture the uniqueness of the moment. I’m all about capturing people as they are. The true emotion, mood and power of the moment.

I create images for you, not for someone else. They’re not supposed to make you look perfect, flawless and endlessly happy, I’m not just about pretty pictures. I want you to come back to them over time and be reminded of the mood, atmosphere and feelings. A photo shouldn’t enhance reality, it should capture it. It should create an image of what is happening at that moment.

   Let’s capture your story together.